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Trans America are Pro Advisors in Quick Books, and Provides Professional Bookkeeping Services, in New York City with over 18 years of solid experience.

Trans America Bookkeeping Services:-

Trans America offers Daily, Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly Accounting and Bookkeeping services including Financial Reports Our Service covers all aspects of accounting and bookkeeping. Trans America also provides Payroll Services which includes (running your Payroll and paying the Monthly Taxes) this is a separate service.

Trans America is a professional accounting service provider based in New York City. You may be the owner of a small American business or a partner in a family-owned organization. Trans America is the solution for all your accounting and bookkeeping needs. Trans America Financial Services extend over a large number of industries – from small to medium and large corporations to restaurants, motels, marketing agencies and professionals like doctors, architects and attorneys.

Trans America was established in 2014 to provide professional bookkeeping services in New York for meeting the requirements of Individuals, Small to Large Corporations. Since its inception, the company has been transforming the various accounting processes, making them highly modernized and professionalized. The dedicated accounting professionals of the company take care of all aspects related to systematic accounting processes and provides services by understanding the clients.

Trans America Bookkeeping Platform


  • Remote Desktop

We offer safe and secured Remote Desktop Server login information which allows clients to access their Quick Books information from any location.

  • Go To My PC

Through this platform, we establish a remote connection with our client’s PC through which give access to clients Quick Books for us to work.

  • Online

Clients offer us the online access and we work online on Client Software that allows us easy access to all their QuickBooks information.

  • Offline

A backup copy of the electronic files is provided to us by the client through emails, Google drive or drop box. We work offline, and the files are returned to the clients on completion.

Our services help in the systematic and organized preparation of financial statements that would reflect the true view of the clients. Outsourcing the vital accounting and bookkeeping functions to us, helps businesses save time and reaching new heights of success and profits.

Why Trans America?

  1. Professionalism

By choosing our bookkeeping and accounting services, organizations come closer to efficiency and professionalism. Trans America dedicatedly handles all activities related to maintenance of proper books of accounts and their periodical updating in QuickBooks.

  1. Experts

We have a team of accounting experts that are experienced in their respective fields. They provide services by developing a clear understanding of their clients and ensures that the services provided conform to what is expected by them. They understand that time is money and therefore emphasizes on timelines and remunerative opportunities for their clients.

  1. Innovation

Trans America is known for its superior quality data processing when it comes to managing bookkeeping accounting books of small to medium business corporations, sole proprietor and family business. They understand the analysis of financial statements holds a place of immense importance. Innovation of new accounting procedures for a systematic and organized presentation of data become a focal point for the company.

  1. Assistance

Trans America provides effective assistance in decision making process of small to large organizations. We offer a clear analysis of the financial position of their clients and assist them in financial decision making. Our services have a high degree of accuracy, comprehensibility and meaningfulness

  1. Cost Effective Solutions

We understand our client’s financial position and provide solutions that are affordable for them. Our services are professional but have a personal touch. We aim to increase inflows than outflows of money for our clients through our cost-effective strategies.



Journal Entries– The accounting process starts with the recording of journal entries of all transactions that take place. Trans America analyses the transactions and records them in the computerized journal book. Our experienced accounting professionals make sure that accuracy and authenticity of the transactions is maintained by carrying out a detailed analysis. The entries are made as per the Accounting Rules that define the standard of accounting and book-keeping.

Accounts Payable – Trans America gives importance to the preparation and maintenance of the Accounts Payable book of the clients. We keep track of the regular transactions that involve money to be paid by our clients. The proper recording of such transactions and maintaining Accounts Payable books of many clients makes Trans America a leading provider of professional accounting services in USA. The accurate posting of all such transactions allow us to help our clients in the best way.

(Trans America Provides Payroll Services which includes Running your Payroll and Payment of your Monthly Tax, this is a Separate Service.)

Accounts Receivable – Our accounting professionals are experts in handling the receivable accounts of clients. The transactions that involve any cash flow into our client organization are recorded systematically for any future reference. We make debt-recovery easy and organized.

Ageing Report & Summaries – The ageing report and summary statements prepared by Trans America show the status of the unpaid invoices. We devise ways to simplify payments and maintaining comprehensible records of transactions.

Bank, Credit Card & PayPal Reconciliation – Our experienced accounts keep a track of the client’s cash position as per the bank statement and internal books. The differences are analyzed and a reconciliation statement is prepared for a clear picture of our client’s current assets. We reconcile Bank, Credit Cards and PayPal at the end of every month, for a clear and fair view of the current financial position of our clients.

Financial Statements- Our accountants follow the accounting standards to prepare the financial statements of our clients at the end of the year. The financial statements show a complete picture of the client’s position at the end of the year and we suggest ways to improve it. Income Statement, Trial Balance, Cash Flow Statement and Periodic/Annual Reports are prepared professionally and accurately by Trans America, to show a true and fair view of the financial position of clients.

Balance Sheet-Trans America aim at preparing the balance sheet of the organization as per accounting standards in USA. These services show the assets and liabilities of the clients at the end of the accounting period. Our aim is to show a true and fair view of the client’s position in an accurate and professionalized manner.


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