Trans America are Pro Advisors in Quick Books, and Provides Professional Bookkeeping, Accounting and Payroll Services,

in New York City with over 18 years of solid experience.

Trans America offers Daily, Weekly, Bi-weekly,Monthly Accounting & Bookkeeping services including Financial Reports Our Service covers all aspects of accounting,bookkeeping & CFO Budget Analysis and Forecasting with CPA advise.

Trans America also provides Payroll Services through Intuit which includes (running your Payroll and paying the Monthly Taxes) this is a separate service.

Trans America are Certified Intuit Pro Advisors in Quick Books, and is a professional bookkeeping, accounting service provider in Manhattan, New York City ( NYC ) to meet the financial needs of different kinds of Organizations- Small, Medium, Corporations, Partnership, Sole Proprietorship or Family-owned. Trans America’s professional bookkeeping service in New York City ( NYC ) is the answer to your Financial and Accounting needs of different types of organizations. When it comes to bookkeeping and accounting services, we can offer what others do not, and we make the process highly simplified and meaningful. We can perform the following when it comes to bookkeeping & preparing financial statements.

Our aim:

  • To provide cost-effective, timely and accurate financial, accounting and bookkeeping services to our clients. To take initiatives that would serve our long-term goal-client satisfaction.
  • To adhere to stringent security measures to maintain confidentiality of client’s information.

To create a long-lasting impression on the clients so that they choose our services again.

Trans America provide services for all your Bookkeeping, Accounting, Payroll Service, Sales Tax and Financial Statements whether it is creation of your books from scratch, updating your books periodically, or maintaining them full-time, we provide you personalized and professional Bookkeeping & Accounting services while saving your time and money and helping you to concentrate on your core business activity. Having industry experience helps us to know and understand the issues which you face on a daily basis.

Trans America would be able to offer innovative solutions to clients’ requirements for Bookkeeping and Accounting Services. Trans America proactive services offered by our team of diligent and talented professionals has led to the expansion and growth of our clientele in the data processing and conversion arena.

The professional accountants of Trans America make us a leading financial, professional bookkeeping and accounting company in Manhattan New York City ( NYC ). We take pride in bringing value to our clients through professionally managed and executed services of preparing financial statements that are vital to our client’s performance. We understand our clients before we plan our strategies that help us serve our clients in the best way.

  • Establish various accounting books.
  • Professional bookkeeping for current or past projects.
  • Bank and credit card reconciliation.
  • Sales Tax
  • Preparation of weekly, bi-weekly or monthly accounts receivable and payable books.
  • Preparation of financial statements like (Profit & Loss , Balance Sheet Trial Balance and Cash Flow reports). And Reports requested by Clients.
  • Monthly review of your books by in house CPA
  • *Payroll Service * (Monthly Payroll Tax and Payroll ) Separate Service provided by TransAmerica

Trans America, has a qualified, experienced (CPA) who will review your books and also provides tax services, to Individuals & Corporation’s in filing taxes like filing payroll tax quarterly, sales tax, federal tax, income tax along with professional guidance.


Trans America Bookkeeping Services, brings number of business owners under its professional bookkeeping and accounting services. Individuals, small to medium, Corporation business, Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP), sole proprietors, family based business including many others have received profitable results with the professional and goal-oriented from Trans America Professional Quick Books Pro Advisors. Trans America financial advisors undertake a detailed analysis of our client’s present financial position and devises way to overcome challenges. They take complete care of all the relevant financial bookkeeping details that is essential for preparing meaningful and accurate Bookkeeping Accounting Payroll & financial statements.

We at Trans America, aim to incorporate superior data processing technology so that we get complete access to our client’s financial Books and we adopt processes that would meet the needs of our valuable clients. Our service platform is up-to-date and brings together user-friendly processes that include the following:

Trans America are Certified Pro Advisors for Quick Books and their Professional Bookkeeping Service are the perfect solution for meeting varies organizational needs in a cost-effective, professional and accurate manner. We aim at meeting the needs of our clients and with our Professional expertise we make the strenuous bookkeeping and accounting functions, highly simplified, meaningful and scalable.
Why Trans America?

Trans America Office is based in Mid-Town Manhattan New York City ( NYC ), and is a professional Organization where you can be assured you are in good hands and will always get Professional, Specialized and Personal Attention always.

There are increasing numbers of companies, with various sizes and types, making decision to outsource some or all of their accounting & administration functions to a third party. Contrary to popular misconception, it’s not the companies in problem, but it’s one of their business strategies. Outsourcing practice addresses their unique business needs, such as financial imperatives and operational effectiveness.

The daily accounting work within a corporation may cost management a lot of supervision time, but, if all the accounting functions are outsourced to a professional service firm like Trans America in New York City ( NYC ) the management will be able to save more energy to concentrate on the core business. Here are some comparisons between in-house accounting and professional outsourcing.


Trans America Certifications

  • Quickbooks enterprise
  • Accounting Certificate