20151105_154047Trans America – Value Added Bookkeeping Services

Value Added Services:
1) Remote server Access for you and your employees from anywhere of world.
2) Free sever maintenance and support if you opt for dedicated server.
3) Offsite Quick Books training and support for Report generation, check printing etc.
4) Document linking in Quick Books to authenticate each Transaction.
5) All Books of Account maintained by trained, dedicated bookkeepers and Reviewed by In House CPA.
6) Free support on set-up and integration of third party application e.g. POS,, Intuit payment Solution and many more.

Value Added bookkeeping means setting up and maintaining your books in a manner that allows for the production of meaningful financial reports on a regular basis that enables you to take decisions that make your business better and more profitable.

Having your Chart of Accounts arranged under meaningful sub-headings to be able to better see the break-up of your business overheads.

Reducing and consolidating the number of ledger accounts used to ensure brief and concise financial reports and easier management decision making.

Ensuring that there is a clear distinction between operating and non-operating income / expenditure.

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