About Us

Trans America are ProAdvisors in QuickBooks, FreshBooks and provides Professional Bookkeeping, with over 17 years of solid experience.

Trans America is a professional USA set up desiring to provide quality data processing Bookkeeping and  Professional Accounting services in New York, USA.   Trans America which is a USA based Bookkeeping company,  provides Bookkeeping and Accounting  services to small and medium sized businesses with various Bookkeeping and Accounting Software’s like Quick Books, Fresh Books to different  USA industries,including but not limited to Restaurants, Motels, Financial Services, Advertising,Marketing and Placement Agencies, Professionals (Doctors, Attorneys, Engineers,Architects), Service Businesses, Stores, Retail Shops, Fuel Stations, Stock Brokers, Bakers, Commercial and Real Estate, Construction, and Manufacturing Entities.

Trans America  provides  Bookkeeping & Accounting Services for US customers whether it is creation of your books from scratch, Backlog,updating your books periodically, or maintaining them full-time.   We provide you personalized and professional Bookkeeping / Accounting services while saving your time, and money and helping you to concentrate on your core business activity.  Having  American  industry experience helps us to know and understand the issues which client’s come across.

Trans America would be able to offer innovative solutions to clients’ as per client’s, requirements for bookkeeping and Accounting Services.  Trans America proactive services are offered by our team of diligent and talented professionals, which have led to the expansion and growth of our clientele in the data processing and conversion arena.

This is to inform all concerned that Trans America Professional Bookkeeping Services is in no way connected with any other Companies which has the name TRANS AMERICA doing business in the United States of America.

We at Trans America provide only Bookkeeping Services and is Registered in the State of New York, County of Queens, as TRANS AMERICA Type of business: BOOKKEEPING SERVICES and our office is located in New York, NY. which was opened in the year 2014.


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